Collaborate with anyone, anywhere

Permissionless collaboration

Invite your web3 frens to work together on your latest project. No Discord server, DMs or email addresses required!

Scale your DAO to the moon

When it's easy for your community to contribute, the only limit on growth is your ability to capture their hearts and minds.

Empower your contributors

With Avenue, specialised teams can form organically to do the work that moves your DAO forward.

Why Avenue?

DAOs have enormous potential. But right now, they lack the tools they need.

Tools like Discord promote centralisation, concentrating knowledge and authority within the core team, and making it tricky for contributors to get involved.

We believe that for DAOs to fulfil their potential, they need to move contributions and decision-making from the centre to the edges - from the core team to the community.

That's why we built Avenue.

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